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  • Cost
  • Completed Rental Application Required
  • Results
  • Equifax Credit Report
  • ID Verification
  • Employment and Income Verification
  • Previous Address Verification
  • Employment Stability Analysis
  • Pet Liability Analysis
  • Property Suitability Analysis
  • Projected Tenancy Outcomes
  • Rent to Income Ratio
  • Debt to Income Ratio
  • Sex Offenders Registry Check (USA Only)

Naborly Tenant Insights

Naborly Tenant Insights, formerly The Naborly Report, provides a comprehensive overview of a potential tenant’s background, credit, and Naborly Score, an assessment indicator that analyzes several data points for tenant screening.


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  • $25
    (per completed Tenant Application)
  • No
  • Within 90 minutes

Naborly Credit Report

The Naborly Credit Report, powered by Equifax, provides landlords a quick snapshot of their potential tenant’s financial situation. Landlords in the US or Canada can submit a credit report request with applicant approval.

$25/Credit Request

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  • $25
    (per Credit Request)
  • Yes
  • Within 90 minutes

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Naborly Tenant Insights FAQs

When am I charged?


If you have chosen to pay for the Naborly screening, you will be charged $25 + tax once the applicant successfully submits their Application. Any not opened or opened - not complete Applications will not be charged. Please note that if there are unverified documents in the Application, you will still be charged.

You will be asked to provide payment information right before sending out your Application.


If the Landlord has asked you to pay for the Naborly Application, you will be charged $25 + tax once you successfully submit your Application. Please note that if you have unverified documents in your Application, you will still be charged.

You will be asked to provide payment information in Section 5 of your Application.

How much does screening cost?

The $25 + tax processing fee covers the processing of the Naborly Application which includes ID, employment, and income verification, as well as an individual credit check through Equifax, even if a credit report is missing.

Who pays for Naborly Tenant Insights?

You can choose to pay for the screening service yourself, or have your prospective tenant pay for the screening.

Naborly Credit Report FAQs

When am I charged?

Your payment for the Naborly Credit Report will be processed as soon as you press Submit on the Credit Report Request form.

Please be sure you have added your billing information to your account, added all the required documents, and agreed to our terms of service before you press Submit.

Who pays for a Naborly Credit Report?

The Naborly Credit Report can only be paid for by the landlord. Unlike with our Naborly Tenant Insights product, Landlord users will not have the option to have the tenant pay.

To ensure that you will be able to submit a Naborly Credit Report request, please ensure you have added payment information to your account settings.

Can I upgrade my Naborly Credit Report to Naborly Tenant Insights?

You can always upgrade to Naborly Tenant Insights after purchasing the Naborly Credit Report. And for a limited time only, you will be able to upgrade from the Naborly Credit Report to the Naborly Tenant Insights at no additional cost.

General Pricing FAQs

How do I change my Credit Card Information?

If you would like to add or change the credit card information on your Naborly account, you can do so in your account settings.

Follow these steps to add/change your credit card information:

On a desktop
On a mobile

Am I charged in USD or CAD?

Whether a customer is charged in USD or CAD depends on the location of the rental property. If the rental property is in Canada, the customer will be charged in CAD, and if the rental property is in the U.S., the customer will be charged in USD.

Where can I find my receipt?

At this time, you will not find any receipts on your Naborly account. Please refer to your email account to find this proof of payment.

Hear from the Naborhood

"We are a moderate-sized property management company in Windsor, Ontario. We have been utilizing Naborly reports in our tenant placement process. I would highly recommend the Naborly system to all landlords. We have had zero evictions, late rent payments, and property damage done to our rental since the implementation of Naborly. This allows us to offer tremendous value to our landlords. Thank you Naborly for providing a high-quality service that scales with enterprise users.."
- Colin Hart, Property Manager
"Naborly's technology is the clear leader in Tenant Screening, their infrastructure, their reports, and their customer service is unparalleled. It was easy to see that for us to deliver on our vision to build a great end-to-end property management platform we had to partner with Naborly."
-Philipp Postrohovsky, COO, RentMoola
“This is an awesome service. You guys are taking the screening process to the next level. Thank you!”
- Andrel Wisdom, Landlord
"There was a pre-Naborly MNR and post-Naborly MNR. I don't think we could go back to the way things were before."
- Audrey Silcone, Property Manager, MNR