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Naborly Tenant Insights

Naborly Tenant Insights, formerly The Naborly Report, provides a comprehensive, real-time overview of a potential tenant's background, credit, and Naborly Score, an assessment indicator that analyzes several data points for tenant screening.

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Naborly Credit Report

Naborly Credit Report, powered by Equifax, outlines the tenant’s FICO Credit Score, bankruptcy, judgement, collection and lien records as well as a summary of their revolving credit, auto loans, mortgages, student loans, medical loans, other debts, and payment patterns for each.

Identity Verification

Identity, Income, and Employment Verification

The Naborly Rental Application collects a tenant’s identity and income documents which are reviewed by Naborly’s team of expert document analysts and note if the document is legitimate and matches the information provided by the tenant. If a document is not verifiable, instructions are instantly sent to the tenant to upload the correct documentation.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

When screening a tenant it is crucial that a landlord understands the tenant’s current financial situation. Naborly calculates the financial risk of a tenant defaulting on rent by analyzing their verified monthly income and monthly expenses (share of rent, debt obligations and cost of living expenses).

Rental History

Rental History Search

Naborly provides a rental history search to help landlords verify the previous addresses of the tenant. 



The Naborly Score

The Naborly Score is a summary assessment of a tenant’s unique characteristics, rental history, credit history, financials, and property needs in comparison to the characteristics of the rental market and rental property they have applied to. It ranges from 500-900 and is color coded green, yellow, or red depending on the score.

Projected tenancy outcomes

Projected Outcomes

In order to help landlords make sense of all the information about the tenant. Tenancy Projected Outcomes indicate the potential risk of late payments, property damage, eviction, early vacancy and length of tenancy based on Naborly’s analysis of the tenant’s information, rental property and rental market.

For landlords managing any property size

Naborly supports individual landlords and enterprise property managers with tenant insights, background checks, credit analysis, and the Naborly Score for each tenant.

View Sample Insights
View Sample Insights

Hear from the Naborhood

"We are a moderate-sized property management company in Windsor, Ontario. We have been utilizing Naborly reports in our tenant placement process. I would highly recommend the Naborly system to all landlords. We have had zero evictions, late rent payments, and property damage done to our rental since the implementation of Naborly. This allows us to offer tremendous value to our landlords. Thank you Naborly for providing a high-quality service that scales with enterprise users.."
- Colin Hart, Property Manager
"Naborly's technology is the clear leader in Tenant Screening, their infrastructure, their reports, and their customer service is unparalleled. It was easy to see that for us to deliver on our vision to build a great end-to-end property management platform we had to partner with Naborly."
-Philipp Postrohovsky, COO, RentMoola
“This is an awesome service. You guys are taking the screening process to the next level. Thank you!”
- Andrel Wisdom, Landlord
"There was a pre-Naborly MNR and post-Naborly MNR. I don't think we could go back to the way things were before."
- Audrey Silcone, Property Manager, MNR