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Naborly Credit Report

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The Naborly Credit Report, powered by Equifax, provides landlords a quick snapshot of their potential tenant’s financial situation. Landlords in the US or Canada can submit a credit report request with applicant approval and in 90 minutes receive a breakdown of the following:

  • Tenant Applicant’s Credit Score
  • Summary of Credit & Collection Account History
  • Number of Inquiries

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Power of property management
with the Naborly Credit Report


Step One:
Tenant completes application

Landlords provide tenants with their own rental applications. 

As part of the process, landlords must receive the prospective tenant’s consent for the landlord and Naborly to pull the tenant’s credit report. Naborly has a sample consent that the landlord may use.


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Step Two:
Landlord submits request

Landlords sign up for an account, enter in a few necessary tenant details, and submit a request for the Naborly Credit Report.

As soon as you click “submit,” Naborly pulls your prospective tenant’s information from Equifax.


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Step Three:
Naborly pulls the credit report

Within 90 minutes, receive the credit report to review and make the right tenant decision, faster.

Credit information may not be available for some individuals for a number of reasons.

For landlords managing any property size

Naborly supports individual landlords and enterprise property managers with tenant insights, background checks, credit analysis, and the Naborly Score for each tenant.

Need more information on your tenants? We can help.

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Hear from the Naborhood

"We are a moderate-sized property management company in Windsor, Ontario. We have been utilizing Naborly reports in our tenant placement process. I would highly recommend the Naborly system to all landlords. We have had zero evictions, late rent payments, and property damage done to our rental since the implementation of Naborly. This allows us to offer tremendous value to our landlords. Thank you Naborly for providing a high-quality service that scales with enterprise users.."
- Colin Hart, Property Manager
"Naborly's technology is the clear leader in Tenant Screening, their infrastructure, their reports, and their customer service is unparalleled. It was easy to see that for us to deliver on our vision to build a great end-to-end property management platform we had to partner with Naborly."
-Philipp Postrohovsky, COO, RentMoola
“This is an awesome service. You guys are taking the screening process to the next level. Thank you!”
- Andrel Wisdom, Landlord
"There was a pre-Naborly MNR and post-Naborly MNR. I don't think we could go back to the way things were before."
- Audrey Silcone, Property Manager, MNR