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2022 Challenges for Small Rental Property Owners

Since 2011, property owners have largely enjoyed a ratio of high rents...

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4 Most Common Reasons Good Renters Leave

Tenants can move for a wide variety of reasons, but there are 4 that a...

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Understanding the Fair Housing Act (US)

In a nutshell, the Fair Housing Act provides a framework for preventin...

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Questions to Ask When Screening Tenants

You can go about screening tenants however you like. Conversationalist...

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Negotiating a Lease Renewal

If you’ve managed to find a good tenant or landlord, then it is advant...

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How to Perform a Move-Out Inspection

Conducting a move-out inspection Move-out inspections should be surpri...

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How to Find the Right Roommate

Television is crammed with thirty-minute sitcoms that paint a distorte...

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Landlord insurance… is it right for you?

Simple answer – yes.

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How to Handle Noise Complaints as a Landlord

Struggling with noisy tenants? Here's what to do. Wherever you are on ...

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