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Features and Benefits


Faster Results

Results are delivered in 90 minutes or less. Naborly is dedicated to delivering the fastest results without compromising accuracy. Our screenings are the fastest across the US and Canada.


Real People + Technology

We know that the best tenant screening requires real people and technology working together. Our algorithm and trained Screening Analysts ensure you always get the best results.


Seven Day Service

Naborly is always at your service! Our dedicated staff will even conduct your screenings on the weekends! You never have to compromise due diligence because of statutory holidays or weekends.


Readable Reports

Our technology may be complex, but our goal is to help real people make better decisions. In that spirit, we designed the Naborly Report to be an easy read regardless of the user's level of expertise.


Great Value, Best Price

Naborly brings landlords and property managers incredible value at the best price in our industry.


Save Time, Save Money

By using Naborly, you benefit from automating and outsourcing your tenant screening process. Your time is valuable - trust us to take care of the data gathering and income and employment verification with diligence and efficiency. 

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