Tenant Screening that works for both Landlords & Tenants.

We provide ID verification and screening to landlords on prospective tenants, while helping tenants improve their credit scores with their monthly rent payments.

Naborly Report

Trusted by over 40,000 landlords and loved by their tenants. 

 Verify your applicant’s credibility before you extend a tenancy offer with one comprehensive report that goes beyond traditional credit reporting. The Naborly Report has been proven to strengthen landlord-tenant relationships, and reduce lease defaults by as much as 89% for more than 1 million rentals.
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Identity, Income, and Employment Verification

The Naborly Rental Application collects a tenant’s identity and income documents. These are reviewed by Naborly’s team of expert document analysts who determine if the document is legitimate and matches the information provided by the tenant. 


Equifax Credit Report

The Naborly Report includes a tenant’s Equifax Credit Report outlining their FICO Credit Score, bankruptcy, judgement, collection and lien records. It also provides a summary of their revolving credit, auto loans, mortgages, student loans, medical loans, other debts and payment patterns for each. 

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Tenancy Projected Outcomes

In order to help landlords make sense of all the information on the Naborly Report, Tenancy Projected Outcomes indicate the potential risk of late payments, property damage, eviction, early vacancy, and length of tenancy based on Naborly’s analysis of the tenant’s information, rental property and rental market.


Naborly Score

The Naborly Score is a summary assessment of a tenant’s unique characteristics, rental history, credit history, financials, and property needs in comparison to the characteristics of the rental market and rental property they have applied for. The Score ranges from 500-900 and is colour coded green, yellow or red.


Financial Analysis

When screening a tenant, it is crucial that a landlord understands the tenant’s current financial situation. Naborly calculates the financial risk of a tenant defaulting on rent by analyzing their verified monthly income and monthly expenses, such as share of rent, debt obligations and cost of living expenses.

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Rental History Search

Naborly provides a rental history search to help landlords verify the previous addresses of the tenant. 

How It Works

Naborly helps you find your most ideal tenant by giving you the tools to digitally invite tenants to apply to your property and compliantly verify their rent payments to credit bureaus.

1. Send an Invite

Naborly provides an online rental application form that you can send to potential tenants. You must use our application in order for Naborly to obtain the applicant's consent, and compliantly pull their credit.

2. Tenants Apply Online

Applicants securely provide their employment and rental history information. This allows Naborly to verify their identity, income, and employment.

3. Receive Report

As soon as the applicant clicks ‘Submit’, Naborly analyzes the applicant’s suitability. Within 90 minutes, the results are delivered so you can make the right tenant decision - faster than ever!

Zero in on your ideal tenant!

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Naborly Screening: $25/report

Knowing you have a great tenant: priceless

We know finding a quality tenant goes beyond traditional credit reporting. That is why Naborly has built a tenant screening software that combines a renter's income and lifestyle information with their Equifax credit file to give you extensive insights into their unique rental profile.

Don’t settle for just a credit report. Get the Naborly Report.

The Screening Service that benefits both Landlords and Tenants

Work collaboratively with your tenants to foster trusting landlord-tenant relationships; Encourage timely rent payments by verifying your tenant's payments in order to help them establish their financial future. 
With each screening, your applicant will have the opportunity to become a Naborly Passport member. This annual membership includes:
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Build credit when paying rent

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Control over personal data

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Unlimited application sharing and editability

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Building Trust Between Landlords and Tenants

Traditional credit reporting is broken and outdated. Be a part of the revolution of credit with Naborly. We take the burden off you by verifying your renters' credibility with one comprehensive report that goes beyond traditional credit scores; we make tenant screening easier and faster for landlords, realtors, and property managers alike.






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