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5 Tips for that Summer Move

It’s that time of year again... it’s moving time. But don’t panic! We've got you! Here is a list compiled from the Naborly team of everything you should know to make your summer move as smooth as possible:

1. Make yourself a plan Stan!

Let’s face it, summer is literally one of the busiest times of year to move. What you need to consider for the best, sweat-less (not sweat free, sorry!) moving situation is the following: consider time of month, and day of week. Typically, the chaos reigns at the end of each month, with weekends being especially difficult to schedule a last-minute move. If you have the ability to, try scheduling for a Monday or mid-week move. This will allow for less people on weekend mode to interfere with your moving in (especially for condo/apartment dwellers).
Make a plan! If you are planning to have a moving company assist in your endeavour - research, research, research! Spend some time looking at alternatives, scroll through customer testimonials (the good and the bad) call for quotes (dollar amounts and number of labourers helping), and make sure to understand the payment process. (No surprises here!)
If you are lucky enough to have friends or loved ones to help, make sure to lock in dates and times.

2. Call in that favour, or book that sitter!

The amount of stress and chaos you will be dealing with during the move is made a lot less stressful and a lot less chaotic if children and pets are not involved. Book a sitter, setup a daycare appointment, or If you have loved ones that could look after your pet(s) and children during moving day DO IT – you will thank us later. The best part, you get to surprise your kids and pets with their new digs once the boxes have settled!

This success is best celebrated with ice cream!

3. Beat that heat!

The best way to start that summer move is to plan for an early morning or evening start. Beat that mid-afternoon heat!
Keep an eye on your own hydration and heat levels. Feeling hot and stressed? Take a few moments to cool-down. But don’t forget to take care of your movers! Make sure to offer your moving crew water and trips into an air-conditioned dwelling to cool down.

Karma will serve you well if you do this.

4. Beware! Things melt!

That summertime heat is truly a thing to be wary of. Not only should you look after your movers, your kids, your pets, and yourself, but you need to be careful of items packed tightly in your moving boxes. Items that are heat sensitive; think candles, musical instruments, CD’s, records, etc., will need a little extra care in being packed separately. The best plan of action is to label a box “Heat Sensitive” so your movers know that these items should be put in the truck last, or arrange to have the box brought with you directly to the new location. Let’s avoid the surprise of your melted vanilla relaxation candle mixed in with your favourite collection of mystery novels.

5. Get that indoor cool running!

The best way to end that summer move, is when you haul in that last box and can enjoy that cool breeze of successfully planning. We are talking about your successful plan to have the utilities setup in your new home. Trust us you’ll be happy you did it! Make sure your utilities are hooked up the day of your move so you can enjoy the benefit of an air-conditioned sleep, a chilled drink, or just the ability to unpack boxes in that cool breeze of the summer evening with that subtle overhead lighting.

Okay, we've shared a few of our team's summer moving tips! Do you have any tips for making a summer moving excursion more delightful? Feel free to reach out to us via social media so we can hear your ideas on how you plan to make your summer move less stressful! We'd love to hear from you!

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